Sarah Rob


Sarah und Hubert


My profession as an instructor for Alexander Technique is definitely due to my own medical history. After a serious occupational accident I became a chronic pain patient and had an extremely negative prognosis. Thanks to Alexander Technique and osteopathic treatments I became free of pain as I had learned to move in a natural way again. I was also able to overcome the consequences of a later riding accident (fracture of thoracic vertebrae) with the help of the Alexander Technique.

Already during my rehabilitation I started a successful training as F.M. Alexander Technique instructor with Bo Johansson in Hanover.

Since 2006, I am working as a teacher with this technique, giving courses and lectures. In doing so I specialized in pain- and rehab patients with craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) and maintain close cooperation with physiotherapists, orthopaedic, osteopaths and dentists.