The Alexander Technique serves to:

  • prevent poor posture in everyday (working) life
  • learn coordinated and deliberate movement
  • reduce pain and to eliminate it, respectively
  • prevent typical everyday ailments
  • to increase physical presence and attractiveness

The techniques that are acquired during the lessons can be applied immediately and independently, whether doing sports, at the office, in everyday life or during extreme physical exertion like PC work, work at the surgery or at the medical/dental practice.

According to individual need, I offer single instruction, group instruction, courses and introductory lectures.

Alexander Technique for Companies

Many companies and institutions want to commit actively to the health protection of their employees. Physical well-being and freedom from pain increase motivation and productivity and significantly contribute to the preservation of the ability to work all the way through to retirement age.

Correspondingly, I provide companies and groups with the opportunity to receive treatments on-site.

Prices for courses, group instructions, introductory lectures and on-site visits on request


Alexander Technique and Horse Riding


For riders of all disciplines, beginners, returnees, riding instructors and riders who ride with pain or muscular tensions.

The objective ist o obtain a smooth, indpendent rider’s seat that allows to give light and coordinated aids.


You will find more according information at www.sarahrob.de.